Présentations sollicitées

Cette sélection de présentations a été choisie pour donner une indication de mes sujets d'intérêts, ainsi que des institutions et conférences où j'ai eu l'occasion de les présenter.  Slides et vidéos sont disponibles pour beaucoup d'entre elles -- soit sur demande, soit par lien direct ci-dessous.

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Sélection de présentations antérieures:
  • Nice, France Information flow in pregroup models of natural language C.A.P.N.S. (2018)
  • Birmingham, U.K. Theoretical Computer Science in Quantum Circuit Design Computer Science Theory Seminar (2017)
  • Leeds, U.K. Diagrammatic Reasoning in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Peripatetic seminar on Sheaves and Logic  (2017)
  • Ottawa, Canada Inverse monoids and categories of monotone partial injections Fields Institute workshop (2016)
  • Queen Mary London, U.K. How complex is Category theory?  Computer Science Theory Seminar  (2015) 
  • York, U.K. Category theory – from Foundations to Cryptography. Computer Science Departmental Seminar (2014)  
  • Cambridge, U.K. On the complexity of deciding commutativity of canonical diagrams Category Theory 2014 (2014)
  • Oxford, U.K. Quantum speedup and categorical distributivity AbramskyFest  (2013) 
  • Oxford, U.K. Reconsidering MacLane: Coherence for associativity in untyped and infinitary settings OASIS seminar - Joint Mathematics / C.S. invited talk  (2013) 
  • Sussex, U.K. Logic, Meaning, and Grammar Dept. Computer Science, invited talk (2013) 
  • Oxford, U.K. Quantum Circuits for Coherent Conditional Iteration Quantum Information Sciences Workshop (2012) 
  • Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Germany Coherence in Hilbert’s hotel Dagstuhl Seminar: Informatic Phenomena, ((2012) 
  • Washington D.C., USA  Informatic Phenomena Lecture Series U.S. Naval Research Laboratories (2012)
  • York, U.K. Information theory: from cognitive science to communication channels Computer Science Departmental Seminar (2011) 
  • Newcastle, U.K. The category theory of Shor’s algorithm Mathematics Departmental Seminar (2011)
  • Oxford, U.K. Types in models of meaning (and elsewhere) The categorical flow of information in quantum physics and linguistics (2010) 
  • Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Germany Quantum oracles for space-bounded Turing machines Dagstuhl Seminar: Semantics of Information (2010) 
  • Oxford, U.K. Is (categorical) coherence important in quantum computation and information? QICS Summer School (2010) 
  • Oxford, U.K. A tale of two programming styles: Comparing quantum and classical approaches to the same problem QNET Workshop (2009)
  • New Orleans, U.S.A. Using information theory to find hidden structure in datasets Analysis of Informatic Phenomena (2009)
  • Obergurgl, Austria Category theory and quantum logic Foundational Structures for Quantum Information and Computation (2008) 
  • New Orleans, U.S.A. Towards a quantum machine semantics: Mathematical Foundations of Program Semantics, special session on Physics, Computation, and Information (2007) 
  • Wroklaw, Poland The inverse and the trace - iteration in models of reversible computing Logic In Computer Science, Workshop on Traces and Feedback (2007)
  • Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Germany The order theory of iteration Computational Structures for Modelling Time, Space, and Causality (2006) 
  • York, U.K. Planar two-way automata - from inverse semigroups to the quantum Jones polynomial FountainFest: Semigroups, Categories & Automata, in honour of J. Fountain (2006) 
  • Marseille, France Compact closed monoids - definitions and constructions GeoCal Semantics Workshop on Geometry of Interaction (2006) 
  • Bellairs, Barbados Random thoughts on abstract machines Categorical Quantum Information, Bellairs Research Institute, McGill University (2006)
  • Institut Henri-Poincare, Paris, France Reversibility and coherence between computational paths Mathematical Structures in Quantum Informatics (2005) 
  • Imperial College,  London, U.K. Quantum data and code in computer architectures QUOXIC seminar (2004)
  • Ottawa, Canada The zoology of quantum computers - classical and quantum control structures and data Fields Institute Summer School (2003) 
  • Oxford, U.K. Kleene’s theorem, star-free languages, and the Geometry of Interaction Oxford Informatic Seminars (2000)