Invited and Accepted Talks

The following selection of talks have been chosen to give an indication of my areas of interest, and the institutions and conferences where I have presented them. Slides and videos are available for many of these -- either on request, or as links below.

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Selected earlier talks:
  • Nice, France Information flow in pregroup models of natural language C.A.P.N.S. (2018)
  • Birmingham, U.K. Theoretical Computer Science in Quantum Circuit Design Computer Science Theory Seminar (2017)
  • Leeds, U.K. Diagrammatic Reasoning in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Peripatetic seminar on Sheaves and Logic  (2017)
  • Ottawa, Canada Inverse monoids and categories of monotone partial injections Fields Institute workshop (2016)
  • Queen Mary London, U.K. How complex is Category theory?  Computer Science Theory Seminar  (2015) 
  • York, U.K. Category theory – from Foundations to Cryptography. Computer Science Departmental Seminar (2014)  
  • Cambridge, U.K. On the complexity of deciding commutativity of canonical diagrams Category Theory 2014 (2014)
  • Oxford, U.K. Quantum speedup and categorical distributivity AbramskyFest  (2013) 
  • Oxford, U.K. Reconsidering MacLane: Coherence for associativity in untyped and infinitary settings OASIS seminar - Joint Mathematics / C.S. invited talk  (2013) 
  • Sussex, U.K. Logic, Meaning, and Grammar Dept. Computer Science, invited talk (2013) 
  • Oxford, U.K. Quantum Circuits for Coherent Conditional Iteration Quantum Information Sciences Workshop (2012) 
  • Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Germany Coherence in Hilbert’s hotel Dagstuhl Seminar: Informatic Phenomena, ((2012) 
  • Washington D.C., USA  Informatic Phenomena Lecture Series U.S. Naval Research Laboratories (2012)
  • York, U.K. Information theory: from cognitive science to communication channels Computer Science Departmental Seminar (2011) 
  • Newcastle, U.K. The category theory of Shor’s algorithm Mathematics Departmental Seminar (2011)
  • Oxford, U.K. Types in models of meaning (and elsewhere) The categorical flow of information in quantum physics and linguistics (2010) 
  • Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Germany Quantum oracles for space-bounded Turing machines Dagstuhl Seminar: Semantics of Information (2010) 
  • Oxford, U.K. Is (categorical) coherence important in quantum computation and information? QICS Summer School (2010) 
  • Oxford, U.K. A tale of two programming styles: Comparing quantum and classical approaches to the same problem QNET Workshop (2009)
  • New Orleans, U.S.A. Using information theory to find hidden structure in datasets Analysis of Informatic Phenomena (2009)
  • Obergurgl, Austria Category theory and quantum logic Foundational Structures for Quantum Information and Computation (2008) 
  • New Orleans, U.S.A. Towards a quantum machine semantics: Mathematical Foundations of Program Semantics, special session on Physics, Computation, and Information (2007) 
  • Wroklaw, Poland The inverse and the trace - iteration in models of reversible computing Logic In Computer Science, Workshop on Traces and Feedback (2007)
  • Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Germany The order theory of iteration Computational Structures for Modelling Time, Space, and Causality (2006) 
  • York, U.K. Planar two-way automata - from inverse semigroups to the quantum Jones polynomial FountainFest: Semigroups, Categories & Automata, in honour of J. Fountain (2006) 
  • Marseille, France Compact closed monoids - definitions and constructions GeoCal Semantics Workshop on Geometry of Interaction (2006) 
  • Bellairs, Barbados Random thoughts on abstract machines Categorical Quantum Information, Bellairs Research Institute, McGill University (2006)
  • Institut Henri-Poincare, Paris, France Reversibility and coherence between computational paths Mathematical Structures in Quantum Informatics (2005) 
  • Imperial College,  London, U.K. Quantum data and code in computer architectures QUOXIC seminar (2004)
  • Ottawa, Canada The zoology of quantum computers - classical and quantum control structures and data Fields Institute Summer School (2003) 
  • Oxford, U.K. Kleene’s theorem, star-free languages, and the Geometry of Interaction Oxford Informatic Seminars (2000)