A list of my published work is below.  For copyright reasons, I am unable to provide links.  I am, however, able to provide copies on request.

  • Peter Hines, M. V. Lawson, An Application of Polycyclic Monoids to Rings Semigroup Forum (56)  (1996) pp. 146-149
  • Peter Hines, The Algebra of Self-Similarity and its Applications  PhD Thesis, University of Wales, Bangor (1998)
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  • Peter Hines Coherence and strictification for self-similarity. Journal of Homotopy \& Related Structures (2016)
  • Peter Hines Information flow in pregroup models of natural language. {\em EPTCS} (2018)

Works under review

I have recently submitted the following papers, which are now under review:

  • Peter Hines Categorical coherence in cryptography: algebra, and number theory.
  • Peter Hines Girard's $!(\ )$ as a reversible fixed-point operator
  • Peter Hines Automata-theoretic models of free pregroups

Work in progress

The following works are in progress, or have recently been completed and I intend to submit them for publication shortly:

  • Picturing communication: graphical and categorical models of information flow
  • Notes on the category theory of Cantor Space  (Monograph)
  • Grigorchuk's group G via monoidal category theory


The following manuscripts of mine, although unpublished, have been referenced by other authors. The majority of the material they contain has since appeared in my published work.

  • A one-object inverse compact closed category used in the Geometry of Interaction (1996)
  • A hierarchy of finite state machines and their algebraic models (2000)
  • Unitary computations of factorials (2004)
  • (joint work with P. Scott)  Conditional quantum iteration from categorical traces (2006)
  • A constructive decision procedure for commutativity of canonical diagrams (2012)